Team Bermuda LogoS: The Shortlist


The Bermuda Olympic Association is holding a contest to select a new commercial logo for Team Bermuda; one that will be featured on BOA sponsorship materials and athletes' non-competitive, non-ceremonial kit beginning with the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.  We invited Bermudian graphic designers--both pros and students--to submit their designs for consideration by a Committee of the BOA. 

We had an overwhelming response, with 82 designs submitted by 39 talented designers.  Thank you to all the artists who entered logos for consideration!  We're so grateful for the care, creativity and effort you put into your submissions.



Thanks to our designers and everyone who voted.
We'll announce our winner on 10 March 2020.


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The Design:

This proposed Team Bermuda logo features a Longtail rendered in the national team colours of Bermuda pink and deep blue, with extended tail feathers that encircle the Team Bermuda word mark (set in a clean sans serif face) and the Olympic Rings.  The Longtail, which returns to Bermuda each year, signalling the return of spring, is a well-recognised and much-loved symbol of the island.

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The Design:

The designer of this Team Bermuda logo used sports team logos as an inspiration for the design, creating a bold, custom word mark in an original varsity-style font that sits atop the Olympic Rings.  The icon at the top comprises a stylised Olympic flame—rendered in white, and the national team colours of Bermuda pink and deep blue—set over a Bermuda Triangle, also constructed of pink and blue lines.


The Design:

This proposed Team Bermuda logo features a Bermuda Triangle composed of flowing forms that connote waves, the Olympic flame, or perhaps the fluttering Bermuda flag, which are rendered in gold (sun), blue (sea) and pink (sand).  This unique icon sits atop the Team Bermuda word mark, set in a modern sans serif face in the national colours of Bermuda pink and deep blue.


The Design:

Designed to be as instantly recognisable as the bold team designs of other nations, this logo design offers Team Bermuda a distinctive icon.  It features overlapping triangles, with the upper pink triangle representing the Bermuda Triangle of legend, and the blue triangle below, being slightly offset, creating a “V” for victory. The overlapping shapes also reference the Olympic cauldron and flame that burns during the Games. The Team Bermuda word mark is set in a bold, italicised sans serif font, drawn in blue and set against a white background for enhanced visibility.


The Design:

The designer of this proposed Team Bermuda logo created a distinctive icon to represent the island, featuring linework that references a Bermuda buttery roof, an Olympic podium, water ripples representing aquatic sports, and lane markers representing land sports.  The icon sits atop a bold Team Bermuda word mark drawn in Bermuda pink and deep blue; the national team colours.